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More and more people are becoming aware of how valuable their data actually is, with data privacy and security becoming a must-have for both individuals as well as businesses. In the current digital age, we see a growing number of issues regarding data breaches, manipulation, and security. You can’t even trust the big tech giants with your personal data, as proven by the 2018 Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

When it comes to messaging apps, we see a lot of security and encryption features with the most popular ones – like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. While the well known end-to-end encryption does help, it is in no way the perfect solution. The reason for this is the centralized system in place, where all data goes through the companies servers that they fully own and manage. This means that we have to trust the companies with our valuable information, hoping that it’s safe from misuse, manipulation, and profit-driven incentives.

Thankfully, the perfect solution does exist – blockchain technology. Not only is it decentralized and encrypted through cryptographic hash functions (i.e. a mathematical algorithm) it is fully immutable, meaning it is not capable of being changed or manipulated. Looking at the current market, we can see a lot of blockchain-based messenger apps. The trend and demand for a private secure messenger are increasing all the time and companies are aware of this.

Now, let’s look at ySign.
ySign messenger is exactly what the above mentions. Decentralized, secure, private, and anonymous are the best and most important points. When looking at features, ySign takes the basic elements of a typical messenger app, such as texting, calling, and sending files, and brings it to the next level with advanced encryption and blockchain algorithms. Not only does it prevent anyone apart from the recipient read or intercept the information being sent, it only saves the data on your and the recipient’s device – effectively eliminating the middle man.

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